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    Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is usually caused by either too little or too much movement at the sacroiliac joint.
    Find out the causes and treatment of this problem.
    The Sacroiliac (SI) joint is the joint where the spine (the sacrum) attaches to the pelvis (the ileum). SI joint dysfunction is caused by problems at these joints leading to pain and sometimes instability.
    The sacroiliac joint is part of the pelvic girdle.
    This girdle is made up of the two half of your pelvis, your sacrum and the joints where these bones touch - the two sacroiliac joints on either side at the back, and the symphysis pubis joint at the front.
    These three bones provide a very strong and stable platform which supports your body weight.
    The sacroiliac joints in particular are well designed to resist downward pressure.
    They are very large, ovalish, irregular joints.
    They are rarely the same on both sides - asymmetry is normal.

    You may look:
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    The irregularity of the joint makes it very firm and stable and there is very little movement that takes place here as a result.
    The amount and the importance of this small movement is hotly debated.
    However, I have seen enough people with this problem to know that if this small amount of movement is lost or becomes too great then problems can occur leading to sacroiliac joint pain.
    Rarely it is caused by inflammation of the joints i.
    Age changes or osteoarthritis .
    The most common of all these is pregnancy.
    This can lead to pain.
    The sacroiliac joints endure additional physical stresses and strains during pregnancy.
    The pelvis has to widen a lot to allow the baby into the world.

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